BBF – Trek Test Day

BBF - Trek Test Day
BBF - Trek Test Day

This week on Tuesday 25th at 5pm Brookvale Bike Factory and Trek Bicycles launched their first Test Day where anyone looking for a new bike or wanting to test out the latest on offer in suspension could do so.  A medium sized group of up to 20 people showed up at Manly Primary school and selected a bike they were interested to do a lap around the popular manly dam loop.  Some of the faster riders returned after their lap and headed out again on a different machine to contrast and compare.  I was at the event to capture some snapshots of the pits and riders out on the track.

Trek were great and provided BBF with alot of the great bikes, even bringing out the Top Fuel carbon-framed race stead.  Nothing was held back and everyone left, as the sun dissappeared, with a smile on their face.

I jumped in the troopy and was off to two spots on the track in hope that my timing was good and could get shots of riders racing past.  After seeing a good sized black snake on the trail, I got off some shots near Wakehurst Golf course then raced up to another popular spot on the track.  The notorious wood ramp to the rock ledge caught most people out, but a few made the section look like a ride in the kiddies park.

Back to the pits to chat with a few more people about images, a number of people hoping they would have their riding caught on camera.  If you have contacted shop or browsed the gallery and see a picture of yourself,  just let me know, would be happy to email on a copy.  Simply contact me using the contact link in top right of any page on this site.

Thanks to all the riders who were willing to re-ride a section to see if they could get over that set of rocks and for me to get the shot.
See you all next one.


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