Visuals 2017

What a year!…

New events, places visited and people met and all through photography and an outdoor lifestyle at sporting events, traveling, and personal adventures.  

Meeting new photographers/videographers from the UK, Austria, Germany, and Italy while partaking in events in Austria, Italy, Iceland, and Norway were the highlights of my year.  Sharing a “van-life” adventure throughout Europe with my partner is something I will never forget.  Seeing how other photographers work and what they create has urged me on to do, see and improve even more in 2018.  

Below are some of my favourite images from the year covering mountain bike races, working with trail runners, exploring new countries and extending my array of images using new technologies like drones for aerial photography.  A big part of my work this year has been outdoor lifestyle and landscapes, not in the traditional sense of sunrises or panoramas but more about people in the landscape.  Showing how much is out there to discover and explore.

I hope your year was as magnificent as mine and that some of my images be an inspiration to get out, do more and see more in the next 12months as I do plan myself.  Enjoy.