Join me in 2016

Join me in 2016

It’s been a week now since I stepped off the plane feeling the warmth of the Sydney summer consume me as I was still wearing clothes more suitable to the climate I just left.  Everything was a bit of a blur and soon I was enjoying a relaxing drink with family and friends and even playing beach cricket with nephews.  Hard to believe I was rugged up in 3 layers of clothes wearing snow shoes and walking on a frozen river with near two feet of powder only 24hours prior.

What has become obvious to me is that I am extremely grateful for the experience and opportunities that had taken place over the last 6weeks.  Grateful to share the experience with a fellow photographer and friend who I admire and respect.  Grateful for my amazing partner who was so encouraging for me to take a risk and try something different.  Grateful for all the people and companies that supported the journey getting there and whilst traveling.

I will admit, now back in the office and my regular life I am finding the tail end of the trip difficult.  I want to throw on a backpack and walk off over the hills camera in hand, however there are images to finish words to write and ideas to start working on.  The wanderlust is a powerful emotion and once hooked very hard to not just keep on nourishing it satisfying the need to explore one’s inner self and put one foot in front of the over to see what is over the horizon.

If you know me well you’re probably aware that I didn’t have a great lead up to this trip, having to say goodbye to my dearest and closest friend was to date my worst experience.  Amazing how life can be so ‘real’ one moment than so ‘giving’ the next.  This has driven me even further to be more rapt with opportunities making the most of them and living in the moment.


Iceland is a country of great beauty and means so many things to the growing number of people who visit, to me it meant so many things mainly the opportunity to start something new, to open new doors and share with others.  I was blessed to work with some great brands who provided me some top notch gear making the images more meaningful and engaging.  A collaboration I am truly thankful for.

So this is where I shout out to anyone to join me in 2016, or for me to join you.  A new seed has been planted and needs feeding to satisfy the cravings of adventure, new experiences and capturing it to share with the world.

Happy wandering in 2016.