Black and Whites

Swirling Tide

Up until now, I have predominently been a colour photographer taking photos of what I see with my eyes.  I have tried some quick black and white conversions of my colour images using software that left me thinking I had best stay with colour.  Photoshop, then Lightroom which was an improvement with more control but still nothing that made me sit up and take notice.  Until now that is.  I have recently tried out new software from Nik Software called Silver Efex Pro.

Now maybe I have improved my images over the years or my colour management system has removed the terrible colour issues plaqued by most digital workflows but I am finding that the images I have been choosing to convert to black and white have alot more pop to them then before.  There is alot more depth and structure to these images where before they were flat and were missing a good tonal range of grays.

Now that I am happy with what I am producing as a black and white image, I have decided to create a B&W Gallery of my favourite images and images that just never achieved, in colour, what I had envisioned the image to be.  I would love to hear anyones comments or critiques of the work.