Visuals 2014

Over the last year I have had the great pleasure of working with some great people photographing events, products for outdoor use, making new friends and as always spending more time in the outdoors.  2015 wont be any different with lots of goals and plans for further travel in the works.  I usually am reserved about making bold new year resolutions but rather like to reflect on what I have done over the last year and use this to be different and change my habits to keep me inspired to produce new and fresh work.

Reviewing my archive of images from the year I find it incredibly difficult to select a smaller selection of images as many appeal to me and many bring back so many fun and adventurous memories.  But I suppose this is really the whole point of shooting what I do and why I am not shooting weddings, love of the outdoors and people doing the same at their chosen sport or activity.  I could look at the stats like how many of the 30,000+ frames taken were shot with my 70-200mm lens or the 16-35mm or how many are portrait as opposed to landscape but none of this matters, what does is how they make me feel.  Not the viewer but me.  I shoot what I do because I am passionate about it and once I shoot what others want then I might as well hand the camera over to them.

On another note, a part of outdoor lifestyle photography that I have had to review is my non-photographic gear needed to get me in place to shoot images during events and for clients.  Boots and backpacks being number one on the list both taking a beating with all the kilometres walked before and during events and photo shoots.  Pretty much every other weekend I am away for a number of days at a time with cooking stoves, sleeping bags, down-filled jackets, tents, rain gear and sun protecting clothing are all regular items in my line of work.   Quality gear is worth every dollar.

Last item of review is how I can share more of my work with followers hopefully inspiring people to get out and be more adventurous.  So every month I will be posting in a new section of my site a free image of somewhere, someone or something that has inspired me while outdoors which will be made available for download as a wallpaper for your computer, tablet or smartphone.

All the best for 2015 and enjoy the Visuals.