Gloryfy – Gloriously Good

GiRoPhoto_Glorious Iceland

As a professional photographer light and how optics of a lens and a camera capture that light is paramount, nothing else matters.  I rely heavily on my gear to be top quality allowing me the best opportunity to be able to capture the precise moment a sports athlete performs some amazing feat of skill or when that morning light peaks over a crest of the mountain as friends take a first step onto a trail to adventure.  I need to see and capture the light.

But not only do I need to have great photography gear that focuses these moments onto the back of my camera sensor, I also need top gear to protect myself.  Rain wear, boots, sun-protective clothing are just a few of the items on my list to pack every time I head out to shoot.  One piece of gear that I have grown to appreciate is what I put in front of my own lenses.  No, not the graduated ND filters for high dynamic scenes or a circular polarizer to cut glare but the ones that go on my face.  Sunglasses.  We all wear them but until you find ones that look good and fit every necessity of what a good pair of sunnies should do, you might as well not have anything on.

This is where I have been very lucky by finding a unique brand in Gloryfy Unbreakable Eyewear, they are exactly the product that ticks each and every box needed to be outdoors for long periods of time yet take a beating.  These glasses are new technology and are industry leaders in materials that are virtually unbreakable with a memory that will return them back to their designed shape, even when stood upon for minutes while searching for them in knee high bushes.  “Yeah ok, I admit it.  It’s happened but I am still wearing them to this day.”

I originally had a pair of G3 Peak Transformers which are photo chromatic adjusting to light intensities by darkening or lighting base on conditions.  A killer pair of glasses for shooting in different landscapes and during all-day sessions.  Why don’t I have these still? Simple, I lost them which for a Gloryfy wearer may be the only way you will need to ever replace yours too.


Gloryfy G3 Peak Transformer

So not only are these glasses “small child on a red jelly snake sugar fuelled tantrum” proof but also have interchangeable lenses which when driving countless kilometres a year to events and new locations to shoot, it’s a blessing.  Pop in the polarized lenses for driving and once shooting in a few minutes change to another lighter tint 100% optical quality lens that produces no distortion of light from subject thru the cameras viewfinder and sunglasses to my eye.

At the end of 2015 I embarked on a project with a fellow photographer where we wanted to see the wonders of Iceland.  We photographed everything from Aurora Borealis, glaciers, ice caves, quad bikes, mountains and waterfalls all while the cold, snow filled icy air tried to make us head back inside to our warm vehicle.  My regular G2 Cuba Libre sunnies are great in the harsh sunny conditions of Australia but would need a suitable travel companion for the northern hemisphere, a good pair of goggles.  Thankfully Gloryfy has this arena covered as well, no surprise though as this Austrian company is not unfamiliar with the glorious cold conditions of a European winter.


Gloryfy G2 Cuba Libre

So the Gloryfy Unbreakable GP4 Fabio Studer was the one for me as requirements did not change. I needed good field of view to make sure I didn’t miss the action, 100% optical quality so I can see every detail and nail focus for my photos.   What I didn’t expect was their ability to vent so amazingly well never once fogging up.  I ran around mountains, glaciers and an ice-cave photographing a tour company and their group almost forgetting they were on being so light and comfortable. Hours of work in driving wind, snow and rain and not once did I have to take them off to clean unlike my camera lens which went thru 3x lens clothes in attempt to keep clean.  Even smashing them into the back of my viewfinder a few times, “Yes they are bigger than the G2’s” my bad.


Gloryfy GP4 Fabio Studer

My goggles have been packed away sitting on the shelf waiting for the weather to cool again.  I cannot wait to head out and venture into the open alpine area of the Australian main range and explore knowing I have the gear to capture some more great images as others retreat for the hut to defog and miss the last light.