AIPP Photograper


The other day I eluded on Facebook about some good news arriving by email which I can now happily share.  I sent in my portfolio for assessment recently and am now an accredited professional photographer with Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

I like to think that I already operate in a professional manner with my clients so what this really means to me, as I work to towards new goals and extend my services out to new clients, is that I can use the breadth of knowledge offered by AIPP and to make new contacts to expand my skills improving even more.  I greatly enjoy learning from others and sharing experiences as this adds more depth to what I can offer and stirs new ideas for my current clients.

I cannot move forward without thanking the people that have helped me or that I have worked with up til now so a big thank you goes out to my many clients:

Rocky Trail Entertainment, Wild Horizons, Base in Bright (Thule B24), Cycology Gear, James Estate Wines, Pedal 4 Pierce, AMB, Enduro, Gloryfy, Port to Port MTB, Pola Sports, Kings School, Super Sport Images, Freewheel Media, Maximum Adventure and Shimano Australia.

To the other creatives out there that I have met along the way, a huge thank you for the times sitting over a coffee chatting about gear, ideas, failures or whatever especially to:

Richard McGibbon, Michael Vettas, Jason Tsui, Denis Iezzi and Sarina Tomchin

Thank you to everyone, I look forward to chasing my goals for this year and reaching as many as I can as I have done now becoming an APP.