CX Series Grows

Manly Warringah Cycling Cycling and MWMTB clubs ran their fourth round of the CX winter series on Saturday, only thing lacking….. winter weather.  The CX series is growing in popularity as the numbers relfected this.  There was approximately 30 riders in the final prestige CX only race where previous series only had around 40 people total for all races.  Also growing in number were the brands and quality of proper CX bikes being used,  three competitors all showed up with new Ridley CX bikes.  Brands now seen on course are Giant, Ridley, Cannondale, Trek, Yeti, Boardman, Kinesis, Lynskey and Scott.

Some track changes have also made for a very tight winding course with a great mixture of terrian, congrats to Rob for the new layout, love it.  With the new layout it has given me some new ideas for shots and I will be trying to create something different over the next two rounds.  If the riders that are competing see anything they like, let me know, as I am happy to try and push the envelope and create something other than the traditional CX image.  I have some great ideas that I will be saving for the two rounds during the national series.

As for this week, some harsh sunlight again proved challenging and rather than trying to balance out these harsh lighting conditions I have been trying to shoot and edit images to include this.  Bright highlights, high contrast, desaturated colours are the result and some may like it or some will not, let me know your thoughts.

I have also spoken to some competitors about providing prints of any images from these races and had some feedback, if anyone would like to provide further thoughts love to hear them either by reply or email.   Great racing again fellas, wish I was able to join you out there, looks like way too much fun.

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