In it, to win it

Curl Curl
Curl Curl

Well this weeks post is hopefully some inspiration for the other outdoor / landscape enthusiasts out there.  I find myself on so many mornings at a very early time, after a late night editing, pushing myself to get up and go shoot.  Sometimes I think I deserve a restful extra hour or two sleep other times the weather doesn’t seem to be agreeing with my plans.  Well to get some great images, I find that you gotta be in it, to win it.  What do I mean?  Simply this, you have to be out there ready when the magic of light happens at your decided location with composition in frame.  Too many times I have been asked by someone I know whether I was out shooting that awesome light this morning?  Not often, but sometimes I find myself answering with a sad…. NO.

For example this morning, I woke to my alarm and could hear some splatters of rain on the roof of the house.  My first thought was of extra sleep as it probably wouldn’t be a productive morning of shooting.  But I couldn’t resist, I was up and looking out the window, but that didn’t inspire anymore as all I could make out was some thick cloud with no gaps in the sky.   As my wife would say, “Let’s gooooo!” so go I did and again the weather broke to allow me some great shots at a location I have been trying to capture for a while now.

So I hope the rest of you photog’s were out there at your favourite place and capturing that great light, cloud, water and beaches that make the Northern Beaches here in Sydney so great.  I also put an invite out there to anyone who lives in “god’s country” to join me.  Yep, it is always great to meet new people and the motivation of joining someone to shoot will get me up everytime.  Drop me an email or reply to this post if you are keen.

Enjoy the week.


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