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As a regular practice I like to visit to a local newsagent and survey what types of work is being achieved by photographers with similar interests.  Usually this means grabbing one of the “outdoor lifestyle” or “adventure racing” style of magazines and seeing what images are being used for commercial use and what event images are popular.  All in all, this practice is used to inspire me with new ideas and how I can try and come up with a new look or perspective on capturing the same action but in a different way.

With great surprise, I picked up the latest edition of Outer Edge magazine and as I flipped the pages I spotted some imagery that looked familiar.  As mentioned before, I have been working for Aurora Images at events over the last four months and was very excited to see some images from the Mont 24 MTB race which was held in Canberra on April 9th and 10th.

I am, as some of you know, an ex-cyclist who use to road race.  Now I admit, I was a virgin to such a spectacle these events offer as the article confesses.  24-hour MTB racing is huge in Australia now and popular from the like of the pros to your weekend warriors justing wanting to get out for the weekend.  Just the sheer numbers prove it, 2856 competitors alone at this event.

So  if you, like me, want some inspiration pickup a copy of Outer Edge and flip to page 58 and sit back in your favourite chair and look over the selection of images that shows just how much fun can be had whether it be hammering a muddy corner perfectly, raising your arms as race leader, or weaving thru the trees at last light with only a helmet light to guide you.

Happy Reading 🙂

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