It’s Jet, it’s Black and it’s 24.

Yewww, well I sit here writing this blog post on another hot day, much like the one that hit Mt Annan, Sydney the day Rocky Trail Entertainment Jet Black 24Hr event was held.  The water bottle on my desk is empty again and I am dying for a southerly change to come thru….

This event had to be one of my hardest yet.  I knew the course, a great mix of terrain of open, grassy fields, some undulating climbs thru spindly tree forests and an endless number of banks, corners and burms.  If your skills were up to it then no problem but if not and the heat was slowly sapping away your energy, and you didnt have a small desk fan like I do now to save you, then it was inevitable you would start to slow.

For me carrying a backpack with food, water, two cameras, 4 lenses, two tripods, pocketwizard radio triggers, 2 Nikon SB-900 flashes……… you get the idea.  It was exhausting but also very satisfying as nothing like a working hard to achieve a desired outcome to finally slump in your camp chair knowing the target was hit.

Hit I know as Juliane and Martin from Rocky Trail Entertainment were very happy with their shots and Australian Mountain Bike were quick to contact me for a license to run a full feature article in the 2013 January issue.  The issue is out now so if you see it and think hey I may have a photo of me or you are reading this blog post, jump over to the gallery and see, images are priced for digital download and can be yours after just a few simple clicks.

Well, thats it for me this time, January is upon us and the events are coming thick and fast, see you out there…. Time for a beer I think 🙂


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