Sports – Event Editorial Photography

Sports and event photography is how I got started in photography.  The action of sport and variety of shooting conditions really helped me excel my skills and to this day I still love shooting new events at new locations.  Covering an event in an editorial style is fulfilling and creative in so many ways from finding the locations that are really unique about an event to creating an image that inspires others to participate in future years is really satisfying.

Commercial – Advertising Photography

Commercial or advertising photography is what I prize the most.  Working with an outdoor, lifestyle, sports or similar industry brand and creating content so they can promote what they do is challenging and rewarding.  I love discussing what makes their products unique, who their market is and then collaborating on how to engage that audience with images, video or both.  Having full creative control of what is in the viewfinder and attention to details is what makes the difference, something not always achievable with sports and editorial photography.  I love it.

Athletes – Ambassadors Photography

Now, this is where I really get to have some fun and try out ideas that have been flowing around in my head.  Athletes and their sponsors today need content and regularly, to promote the achievements of the athlete and the support their sponsors provide them.  There are no rules here, it’s time to shoot something different, something new and then let it be shared on social media to generate likes.  As a bonus, I get to meet some great people and spend a day with someone who is focused and determined to achieve their goals as much as I am for the shoot.