Outdoor Nirvana @ Thredbo

As a photographer who spends most of his time outdoors shooting for clients, projects and the like I always enjoy it when I can take some personal time with friends to do exactly what I love, enjoy the outdoors.  Whether it is enjoying the beauty of a landscape vista, getting a line wet while fly-fishing or going for a great bush walk, one spot I find myself returning to over and over again is Thredbo.  I had the pleasure of attending the first year of the Thredbo Cannonball to shoot the various events held at the mountain resort and along the way had a little adventure of my own, enjoying the sun, snow and sounds I grew up with as a kid.

The drive to Thredbo is a long one and if you are heading down might as well tag a few days on either end of some work and with that in mind from Cooma we headed west not south as you normally would to Jindabyne. The first nights camp was always going to be mountainous and probably in the car/tent and cold but what happened was not expected at all.  Most the Kosciusko area received a healthy sprinkle of snow and as was camped at Cabramurra, Australia’s highest town, we did not miss out on the white stuff.   Some great images resulted from this unseasonal change in weather after scrapping the car window screen clear with a spoon, anything is game in them mountains.

After some more sightseeing up to Geehi Dam as three previous attempts were a fail due to lock gates, the ferns roadside were plentiful and the view of the Australian main range breathtaking.   A couple hours of fly-fishing in the Swampy Plains/Geehi river was enjoyed but the waters were still quite high and very cold making spotting any trout very difficult.   Alas, there was a MTB event to get to and plenty of scenery to drive thru before Thredbo would be visible from the top of Dead Horse Gap.

Now I have not photographed at Thredbo before with such a caliber or riders flying down the mountain and with such great scenery along every point of the tracks, the flashes got a workout making short work of batteries. The Cannonball events were a great mixture for all interested in gravity fed MTB sport with the Whip Wars launching all riders higher and higher.  The Flow Motion Cup was a great combination of pure downhill speed and stamina of the power pedalers that kept the flow during the flatter sections.  And for the pure gravity junky at heart the Australian Open Downhill event was there for those big plushy suspension bikes to lap up pushing the limits of control to the limit.

As for me.  I had many moments of sitting in the warm mountain sun between sessions enjoying the views,  was able to catch up with friends at night around a campfire and land a couple of trout in Thredbo river.  So if you to like adventure and the outdoors, come down to the 2014 Thredbo Cannonball as there is plenty to do…. I will see you on the mountain.