Getting Fit


Even though I really enjoy witnessing and capturing athletes in their element doing what they have worked hard at to achieve, I found myself pondering what went into their routine prior to me seeing the end result.  What training other than the endless kilometres/hours  on the bike or running to reach their goal have they been enduring?  One cross-country mountain bike racer I know is a personal trainer and after having lunch with him one morning in the appropriate “get fit” suburb of Bondi Beach I decided to look into the whole personal trainer – fitness industry to see what techniques and I could capture in the frame to give a more complete picture of an athletes routine.

James Lamb who rides endurance races of 100km or 24hr variants was the catalyst for this and was kind enough to organize time in one of the gyms that he instructs in, The Athletic Club in Bondi, Sydney, NSW.   The gym environment provides a great chance to play with motion, light and shadow for limitless creative ideas and mixing this with fit people makes for some great imagery.  Along with James were Cat Tsai and Matt Preston who provided their own energy and strengths to the shoot making for a very fun day.   I was surprised the at the complexity of workouts achievable in a modest space with the simplest of equipment but thru patience we achieved some great results.

I also had the chance to work with another gym, Joe’s Garage Gymnasium and two trainers who operate out of that gym, Graham and Sam.  Using similar techniques as cross-fit, core strength, motion and balance are now all the go with old school brute strength and bulk a thing of the past.  What was great to see as well with both groups, they were concerned and posture, technique and form just as much as I was worried about lighting, focus and compostion.  It’s great when I can work with other professionals making my results that much better as they conveyed what they thought was appropriate for current industry standards as I tried to make it artistic and beautiful to inspire and capture what it means to be fit.

I have only touched only this subject and will be working a lot more in the future with these great people and invite anyone in the fitness industry to call upon me if you need images for your portfolio or have a business that needs sharp and relevant images to what you communicate to clients.

If you live on northern beaches near Manly, check out Joe’s Gym Gymnasium instructors Graham Johnston, and Sam Walsh,

If in Bondi area contact James Lamb and Matt Preston thru The Athletic Club and Cat Tsai at

Cheers Gil.