Photo Courses

Glow Ball
Glow Ball image from ACP Lighting

As I have recently finished a number of courses at the ACP, Australian Centre of Photography, I feel compelled to write about it and spread the word to other aspiring photographers.  I have taken part of three classes, Camera Craft 1, Camera Craft 2 and recenlty Lighting.  One word to sum up my experience, Awesome.  Every class built further upon what the previous class had to offer, extending ideas and skills by using examples and weekly assignments.  What I found to be most interesting was the viewing of other classmates photos and seeing the variety of compositions, ideas and uses of camera to achieve the same assignment.

The Camera Craft series were well planned and covered the regular techniques and skills to improve on ones knowledge of photography.  Some of the topics were basic but this assured that all attending understood those basics so that the class could continue to expand without leaving anyone scratching their heads in confusement.

Where I really started to see great creativity was in the Lighting class.  Maybe, because this was the area of least practice to me and it really pushed me to think and come up with great new ideas and possabilities.  Our teacher Geoff McGeachin was fantastic in his knowledge, so much that he made things look to easy.  When we were turned loose to shoot individually I could see the wheels of thought turning in people’s heads as to what to do and how to do it spun away.

Since then I have purchased some lighting gear and am extending my ideas further and further am hoping this post will help anyone out there if they are thinking of attending a course themselves and don’t know where to go.  I feel the ACP offers a great service at very reasonable value, especially the 10-week Lighting course as we had full use of studio equipment and studio and a model came for a shoot twice during the course.  The teachers were always sending us info via email and answering questions as to what to purchase, where and what to avoid.

I am posting some of my work here in hope to inspire some into attending, I don’t have any affiliation with the centre, but am a overly satisfied customer and now a member who simply wants to spread the word.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reply to this post, love to hear your questions and to the friends made in the classes, keep shooting.


All the best for the new year.