Rockin’ with RockyTrail

Berms, bikes, sun and smiles.  That pretty much sums up my weekend back on Dec 1 as I was covering the Rocky Trail Entertainment JetBlack 24Hr enduro mtb event at Mt Annan, Campbelltown, Sydney.  That’s what naturally happens when you take 500 riders put them on a looping 10km XC track and ask them to ride for 24Hrs.   Now there are moments I am sure when not everyone is smiling and not everyone liked the dust but as I wandered the course with cameras in tow, i struggled to capture to any such moments.  This is one of my great enjoyments with not just sport but riding in particular, riders push themselves lap after lap for a few seconds here and a few seconds there.  Not that it is the fastest to win at these enduro events but usually who can endure the longest throughout the whole 24hrs quite often overtaking the “fast” rider as they take a rest from their unsustainable pace.

Now talking about enduring.  This event was the prize of two such people, Martin and Juliane Wisata of Rocky Trail Entertainment, as their 100th event was completed without a hitch their growing and loyal followers enjoyed a bite of the celebratory cake and cupcakes.  Many notables were on course this year, Brett Bellchambers from Jeebers Racing, Cory Wallace Canadian Marathon Champion and the official launch of the JetBlack Racing Fluroman team.  As naming Sponsor JetBlack Cycling are a well know provider of cycling accessories, parts and bikes its good to see a team form flying their banner.  This team has great promise and I am sure we will see a lot of more of them over the next year to come.

As this is my second year of covering this event, i needed to try and cover the event from another perspective.  I shot more at sunset and sunrise with some great shots as the light faded and riders donned bike lights to show the way.   Everytime I head out to Mt Annan Botanical Gardens to shoot I always enjoy the diverse flowing trails on offer, the berms, bikes, sun and smiles never let me down.

Enjoy your weekend.  Gil.