Redfern Raiders FC


Fitness and conditioning coach, Chris Ogle contacted me last month after seeing some of my work for previous clients and thought our two skills would make a good collaboration on a project he was working on. Not only is he working with the Redfern Raiders Football Club (RRFC) assisting on their fitness in the junior squads but also with developing a new website for the club.

This is where my skills came into play providing imagery of the team at practice and during competition with the aim to inspire more young players to join the club and continue their success on the field.

Shooting lifestyle photography focusing particularly on outdoor lifestyle activities and sports has provided me with the opportunities to work with some great people and athletes and once again this was the case with RRFC. The coaches were very professional and easy to work with and once the weather decided to cooperate with us we were able to get in two great shoots capturing the athletes doing what they do best.

From a photographer’s perspective, the challenges I had to overcome were multifaceted with the clubs holding practice sessions in the late afternoon and being winter this meant quite a short window of usable light. This short window was due to young players running around requiring reasonable shutter speeds to freeze the movements and flash to illuminate faces that the overhead field lights did not. Balancing the fading light and flash without being able to place equipment wherever I wanted proved challenging.

The other issue was from an aesthetic point of view as I was shooting during a practice session and a scheduled match, I couldn’t ask anyone to “stand here” and “face this way” or “can you do that again please.” I needed to visualize an image place lighting where I figured it would best go and wait for someone to hit the mark. All within the 5 minutes of doing a drill before they moved onto the next one.

The club were very happy with the results and we are planning some more work in the future as stage two of the project kicks off.

If you are involved with a club or sports team and need media to promote the club I would be interested in discussing how I can be of service to your needs.