MTB Magic

WOW!  What a weekend.  Two awesome races and at two great locations.  Saturday saw me at Ourimbah shooting the final installment of the RockyTrail Entertainment Shimano MTB GP.  Then Sunday at the innagural Kowalski Classic 50/100km event.  The two events couldn’t have been more polar in comparison but both well worth the attendance.

RockyTrail capped the series off with a great “Plan B” course as there has been some issues with Appin and the land councils, I heard people saying out on the course the were happy with the changes and preferred to be at Ourimbah.  The repetive 8.5km laps gave the riders a chance to put together that perfect lap and if you messed up a section, another chance to get it right.   Great work to both Martin and Juliane for putting on such a great day.

The Kowalski brothers also put on a fantastic event and have been hard at work building new trails which allowed them to link up a super variety of riding at the Kowan forest.  Mostly an A to B type course, but the 100’s saw some of the same course twice, no problem it was all the new section and since it was super smooth, flowie and burmed I don’t think the riders minded.

As for shooting, thank god the weather man got it wrong.  Everything was packed in the vehicle for wet weather but none of it was needed, in fact alot of the gear got dusty if placed close to the trails.  There was some carnage on the course at Ourimbah with bloody knees and elbows, thankfully the camera gear pulled thru with some minor scrapes due to gusts of wind.

Great to see the weather improving and so many people out riding their bikes, the only problem for me is that I wish I was one of them, but when work puts you behind the camera on trailside out in the fresh air I don’t feel like I am missing out that much as being out there is what MTB is really all about… plus beating your mate on a section of track and getting a trophy in Strava 🙂

The following is a selection of some images from Ourimbah, the gallery of all the images is available at the Ourimbah Shimano MTB GP page, jump on over.


If you raced at the Kow Classic, jump over to Aurora Images whom I was shooting for on the day.

Enjoy the great summer sun.