Tri’ing Things Out

Kurnell PB3 Triathletes
Kurnell PB3 Triathletes - Click to see Gallery

A fellow photographer friend of mine knows some really good triathletes and has been asked to take some photos of them before.  So on Sunday we couldn’t resist and took the opportunity to try out some different shots than what you would normally see from a triathlon race.  Now it helps, that this was a training session and not an official “race” as normally you cannot drive your vehicle on the same course the riders are on.   We wanted to achieve something different and avoid that “cat in the headlights” sort of image and capture a bit of what the triathletes are feeling; the heat, the wind, the pain.  In some ways, I think we achieved just that, some of my photos were just painful and some were hot, but that is what trying new stuff is all about; ideas, incorrect exposures, even failure with the odd image that is just magic.

I took some of these ideas a bit further in post-processing.  I played with the either loved or hated vignette, desaturation, cross-processing, black and white and found some new looks for me that I will try out some more and possible perfect or totally throw out.  The real important thing here is that by trying out different techniques you can keep your photography fresh and your work unique.  There’s no way of telling when you might just stumple upon the next new look that everyone will be trying to copy.

Please feel free to put in your input, love to hear your comments and even see your work to discuss how some shots were achieve.  Drop me a link or website address in the comments.

To the gang at PB3 well done and great training session on such a hot day 🙂