CX Cycle Season Spins Up


So the CX season seems to be among us once again and if todays numbers were any indication this is becoming a very popular style of racing.   Understandably with a location like Terry Hills which is only a short drive for many and the course has many viewing points making it a success not just for the riders.

For me it was just an opportunity to get out and play a little with the gear and try out some ideas but unfortunately the full sun conditions I thought were to carry thru from the morning did not with the clouds rolling in.  Normally cloud cover is great as makes for less harsh sunlight but this was exactly the conditions I had been hoping for.

News of 3x time Green Jersey TDF winner Robbie McEwan racing quickly changed my frame of mind and I settled on a location known as “Mulch Mountain” which depending on whether you are racing or spectating creates a different level of appreciation.

Using my loved Paul C Buff Einstein lights provided me plenty of shooting options and with the original plan now gone of over powering the sun I switched to using the lights super fast pulse speeds to freeze action allowing me to shoot smaller aperture and slow shutter speeds without concern.  These lights offer so much control in many conditions.

As for Mulch Mountain, its a great little spot that has really made this course.  So many people would come and watch during the laps and cheer on their favourites as the hurled their bikes upwards rear wheel spinning and sliding out as they did.  The only thing missing were cowbells and the offer of the “beer skull” as riders scrambled for to the top of the mountain.  Maybe next time.

Congrats must go out to organizers Cell Bikes and my old racing club Manly Warringah Cycling Club for putting on such a great day, thanks for the invite Dave hope I can make to more of these this season.