Port to Port MTB 2015


Its taken nearly a month for me to sit down and write this article about the 2015 Port to Port MTB which is just slightly longer than it took my ribs to stop hurting as I roll out of bed every morning.  The sore ribs are a great reminder of why I enjoy being an outdoor photographer shooting lifestyle photography covering mountain bike events with the action of athletes pursuing their sport.

Just how do these sore ribs remind me of one of the many events I cover every year and the many photos I take of different mtb disciplines?  Easy.  We all remember the suffer days, the days of hard work that resulted in a good outcome whether it be on the bike or for me from behind the camera.  But also the occasional stabbing pain acts a reminder of the laughs and fun had with some old friends and some new, also that I probably have one of the best jobs in the world doing what I enjoy.

Plus it doesn’t hurt when the group around you are just as dedicated and passionate about what they are doing whether shooting stills, video or organizing what is sure to become one of Australia’s great multi-day stage mountain bike races.  Bearing witness to some awesome racing with Mark Tupalski taking overall honors very deservingly so but also the endless laughs and smiles from the rest of the pack were all just icing on the cake.

Many times I find myself running around forests on my own trying to be in position for the next wave of riders but at the P2PMTB its different.  The team who put on the event plan and work hard so that I, along with the other media gurus of Captyvate Media, Drift Bikes and Flow MTB, can capture the best parts of the course and the racing unfolding in front of us.  This is where the behind the scenes fun really takes off as with any event of this type there will always be moments that should have another media team alone to capture.  Everything from tough shooting conditions passing cameras to people on the other side of a car for a shot otherwise missed, sharing cleaning cloths as rain and mud made lenses unusable for the next shot to sharing track knowledge.  This is where all the action is, this is where the experience and quick reactions to plans made out days if not weeks before come into play.


This is what I live for, what outdoor lifestyle means to me sharing great moments and experiences doing what you love to do when in the great outdoors with friends.

vive le Port2Port. (its almost TDF time)  🙂