Oxy Riders and Einsteins

Yesterday I headed out to Oxford Falls to catch up with the guys from Oxy Riders group who usually are hitting the tracks up there.  The action up there is always good shooting material and I had a second reason to get out, I have recently added some Paul C Buff Einstein flash units to my kit.  My colleague Richard McGibbon at OuterImage Collective has been using these for a while now and I’m always impressed with their quality of light.

After some original testing at home I have found I can sync at an awesome 1/2000sec without the need of High Speed Sync, a huge step over the 1/400sec I can get out of my Nikon SB900’s.  Not only that the Einstein puts out 640WS of power allowing me to shoot at smaller apertures like f/8 and f/11 and still have plenty of grunt to exposure subject sufficiently.  Last benefit if shooting at lower powers, say 1/16 of full power the flash is quelched giving a flash duration an amazing 1/10,000sec burst.  This is amazing stop action light even when shooting at slower shutter speed of 1/320 to allow ambient light to be visible in shots.

I have been making some light modifiers to help control the light and will also have to test some more in full unfiltered sunlight to really see these lights pushed to the max, more on that to come in the future.  For now, thanks again to the guys from Oxy Riders, always enjoy the laughs on the track and the odd spill.

Cheers Gil.