Rollin’ at the Rock’n’Road


I don’t know if it was the beautiful scenic location with rolling hills and rivers that I got to photograph or the racing to continuously be ahead of a riding pack of roadies to ensure I got my planned images or that I just knew I was lucky guy doing what he loves to do.  But I  could not wipe the smile off my face last weekend at the inaugural Wild Horizons Rock ‘n’ Road held in the very scenic region of Rydal NSW about 3hrs west of Sydney.

The locals are on to a good thing out here, quiet roads with lots of variety and away from the coast which suffers from the rain showers that seem to have plagued Sydney recently.  The weather could not have been better as only a warm coat and beanie was needed during camp the night before to stay warm.  During the event the sun was out and allowed everyone to push hard without overheating too much as temperatures hit the mid teens.

We all know the quality of events put on Wild Horizons and sitting with the team around the glowing fire barrel on pre-race night it was evident that I was about to be part of another smooth operation.  My preparations always start with a Google maps scout the days leading up to the event then a recce the day before to pick out potential shooting locations.  Without having some sort of logistical plan on which roads to take, when riders will be a certain point on the course I would never be able get as many good shots as I can.

The road section was a lot of fun as I got the chance to even chat with competitors as they road past my different shot locations.  “Where you been, what took so long?” in a cheeky tone of course I muttered to some of the regulars I have gotten to know over the years.  They didn’t mind as they know I am working hard to get the goods and having a little bit of fun and humour along the way never seems to be lost on them, especially in the latter stages as we all tire from the days efforts.