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2013 Rocky Trail Shimano MTB GP Series winners, Grant and Susanna
2013 Rocky Trail Shimano MTB GP Series winners, Grant and Susanna

Back in January before the new year of MTB series kicked off again I had the opportunity to shoot some environmental portraits of two riders, not just any two riders but Grant Webster Male 7hr and Susanna Fasold Female 4hr 2013 Shimano MTB GP winners.  The shoot was organized as a congratulatory prize to the winners for having a great series and help them promote themselves as riders.  I wanted to try and capture the personalities of both Grant and Susanna and their backgrounds rather just making it all about mountain biking.  Having Grant and Susanna show up in their work clothes allowed me show more about the types of people that attend mountain bike races, in particular Rocky Trail Entertainment mountain bike races.  It’s not just your regular sponsored elite athletes that make it to these events there is a great mix of people from first timers to masters all with the same mindset, to have a good time and challenge themselves.

For backgrounds, Grant and Susanna couldn’t be different and further apart as a food safety officer  and graphic designer respectively, they both however are passionate for the sport and the desire to do well in the 2014 series.   As I write this, round 1 has now been raced with both riders having competed, Susanna finding a podium spot in second and Grant admitted to having a bad day on the bike finding 7th place.

I plan to be doing more of these shoots in the future as I enjoy the challenge of creating images to tell a more complete story about athletes and the sport they are passionate about whether it is during competition or post race.   Hopefully I have been able to show these dedicated and focused riders in the best light.

The shoot of all photos in this post were taken on course at Ourimbah using some of the course locations to place rider in their environment and a field studio setup for the composites with lighting achieved using a combination of Nikon and Einstein flashes.  AMB magazine has published an article in issue 141 about the Rocky Trail Shimano MTB GP series and these two riders, check it out and come join the fun.

A big thank you to both Grant and Susanna for your cooperation and fun attitude on the day plus providing logos from their sponsors.