Mt Annan Action

Ater having to restructure the Shimano MTB GP schedule three times due to weather restrictions, Rocky Trail Entertainment held round 3 at Mt Annan botanical gardens…… the wait was well worth it.  Perfect Sydney spring conditions of blue skies and temperatures in the 20s made for excellent racing conditions and the riders were ready to go.  A field of 300 rolled out at a moderate pace knowing there was no need for first lap heroics as it was going to be along day in the saddle.

Mt Annan is a photographers shooting paradise.  So many great image styles to shoot from long grassy fields, thick forested sections, dry creek bed crossings, bridges, man-made rocky sections, you name it Mt Annan pretty much has it.  My shooting partner, Richard McGibbon made his way up the western track while I was able to shoot the smiles, game faces and race start at event central.  After that we took turns moving to different positions that we felt captured the courses challenges, leaving the riders with the fun job of riding them.

Juliana and Martin from Rocky Trail Entertainment as usual have put on a great event and the MTB community has enjoyed the hard efforts that they have put in, this was evident with smiling faces, kids playing and a good-hearted vibe filled the air.  Also I could see people smiling and laughing while out on the course.  Not just a concentrated smirk but a contagious smile and chatter amongst other riders as the moved over to let faster riders pass or at a mates miscalculation of an obstacle.  Exactly what this sport is all about if you ask me.

When my wife and I headed out to Mt Annan about six weeks ago to ride the course and I knew right away that some great images were going to be achieved come race day.  My only wish to improve on the day…… is that I had brought along some sunscreen, summer is definitely on its way, my slightly sun roasted skin can attest to that 🙂

Jump over to the Mt Annan gallery and search your competitor number to see your images.  You can browse the galleries as well, we have created a NO Number gallery for images that could not be identified, check it out if a search does not result in any images.

Great racing everyone and see you at Appin for round 4.