Thredders Bound

GRP_Smokey Mtn Sunset

Well today I find myself packing the car for the third time in as many months heading down to Thredbo my favourite mountain escape from urban life in Sydney.  Last time I was down there with shooting colleague Richard McGibbon we had a blast but sleep was at a minimum, too much to photograph.  Mountains, rivers, huts and beautiful smokey sunsets over lake Jindabyne were too much temptation to “rest the eyes”.  Even with all the shooting done last time there are still a few images that I didn’t have time to get to as the logistics of shooting mtb events and going a little remote during the golden hour proved way to hard.

Mountain bike racing again this weekend as Rocky Trail Entertainment hold their NSW titles for both the RedAss Downhill and the Flow RollerCoaster both held on the slopes of Thredbo resort maintained perfectly by Thredbo MTB.  As for the weather it looks like a different is in store for us as the forecast is for a little rain, different from the perfect 20 degree sunshine from last time and snow the time before in December.  This should prove to challenging for the camera gear, fingers crossed that it is not a wash out. Thredbo has really turned on the heat with events this season with top quality track work and always ensuring things don’t get too messy with all the people that put down runs.

As for the scenery I am looking forward to seeing the change in light in the mountains, it always filters down a little different throughout the year.   A little cooler weather will be nice as I will be in my element,  just need to remember to bring the correct sleeping bag and a beenie in case it snows 🙂

Have a great weekend.