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GiRoPhoto Squares
GiRoPhoto Squares

I have been reading and hearing alot of people talking about presenting work in a different way either by using new media or alternative methods .  This got me to thinking that I don’t normally see square images very often and wondered why.  I decided  to go back thru my archive of images selecting some old favourites and making new copies but using a 1:1 ratio to crop the images.  This proved quite difficult actually as most images didn’t lead to a good composition or view in the square format.

Some of the images created happened to work better than others but most either were lacking something or were no better than the originals.  Then I went out shooting with a direct intention of framing images for a 1:1 crop.  This latter practice did result in a better image, probably because I was looking for compositions that were more appealling to this format.  What did I find?  It seems that the old rule of never placing your subject in the centre of the image worked best when broken.  It may have something to do with symmetry as subjects placed off side usually left an image being unbalanced.

So after spending some time on thinking about it and looking at images, I have decided to print of a number of canvas prints and have put them up in a local cafe where I have been displaying images for a while.  The cafe is SeaChange cafe in Dee Why on The Strand right down on the beach front.  All work is for sale and if you cannot get to the cafe, then check out this Square Image gallery to view work online.

Love to hear thoughts and opinions.