Gloryfy Yourself


Recently I made the acquaintance of the Australian distributor of the Austrian eyewear company Gloryfy Unbreakable, Paul Hillary from Eskimo Distribution.  What initially caught my attention was the catchy  logo the company uses reminding of a teenage horror movie, Gremlins, but these are definitely not.   After trying a few pairs on, talking to Paul and hearing about how popular this brand is in Europe with some big name adventure-sport athletes showing their praise, I was hooked.  What I was also excited about, other than the quality and technology of the lenses in these sunglasses, was that Paul is passionate about being involved in many different sports here in Australia.

Like my chosen G3 Peak Transformers, XC mountain bike riders have many models to choose from making open field to dense forest courses easier to navigate and the downhillers not being left out with comfortable and protective goggles on offer.  As time goes on different sports will reap the benefit of what this eyewear brand has to offer, motorcross will use their goggles, fishing and boating enthusiasts will love their polarized range and all with the extremely tough, highly flexible lens technology making them strong enough to withstand smashes from a mallet.  Try it at any event Gloryfy are attending, its fun.

For me I have found a brand that I am happy to work with to achieve some great images photographing athletes performing at their peak in their chosen discipline but also I get to work with someone that is keen to support young juniors working up thru the ranks of their sport.  Recently we did just that by having a day at the Warrimoo mountain bike downhill track with two young guns, Patrick Butler and Jacob Mossner.  Both riders are regulars on the racing circuit, Patrick has landed a ride with Deubel Bicycles and at only 13 years of age has a quickly growing podium list.  Jacob riding in the U17 category in  2014 has support backing from Avanti Plus Newscastle and will definitely be a force over the years to come.

As for the day shooting it was to have some fun, let the boys try out some new Gloryfy goggles provided by Paul and just let rip.  Credit to the guys they put in some great riding even though neither are from the area and use to ride this track.  Unfortunately the rain eventually put a halt to the day but the images we got were perfect only missing out on one shot that I definitely plan on returning to shoot.

If you want to find out more about Gloryfy jump over to their site:

To find out more about Patrick jump over to here:

And you can see some of Jacob’s race results on his Roots and Rain profile here:

Keep a lookout for Gloryfy at your next mountain bike event and checkout what they have to offer and be some of the first to start use this great product.


Cheers Gil.